A successful manufacturing execution system (MES) effectively bridges the gap between the shop floor and your business’s ERP.

CAI Software’s flagship MES software, ShopVue, is a modular, operator-friendly solution that enables mid- and enterprise-sized discrete manufacturers to better manage their people, processes, orders, and machines.

With ShopVue MES, manufacturers can collect extensive data about every action occurring in a manufacturing facility, process and analyze that data, and then leverage it to make informed decisions about optimization. ShopVue’s capabilities empower our clients to improve systems and processes for a more effective, more efficient, and more profitable manufacturing business — with measurable results.

Learn more about why ShopVue is a best-in-class MES and how it can help you optimize your business operations.

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Optimize the Shop Floor

Bridge the gap between the shop floor and your ERP. Add functionality in labor tracking, machine metrics, analytics, and more.

Collect Data

Add actionable insights to KPIs to help you achieve measurable improvements in quality, cost, and delivery time.

Flexible Solutions

Our flexible MES solution, ShopVue, lets you implement only the tools you need now with the ability to add new functionality over time.

Optimize Your Shop Floor with ShopVue MES