Susan McAndrews Featured in International Precious Metals Newsletter

ERP Precious Metals Management

Susan McAndrews, a Consulting Engineer with CAI Software, was recently featured in the International Precious Metals Institute’s (IPMI) Women in the Precious Metals Industry newsletter feature.

Susan has been employed for 17 years in CAI’s Precious Metals Software practice and is a key contributor to a team developing and refining (pardon the pun) the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Thanks in part to her expertise and dedication, CAI is the precious metal industry’s preeminent provider of mission-critical, business management software for precious metal refiners, smelters, brokers, and OEMs.

In her role at CAI, Susan has worked with leading companies like Advanced Chemical, Ames Advanced Materials Corp., Asahi Refining, Gannon & Scott, QML, Inc., and Sibanye Stillwater US PGM Operations, to ensure a successful deployment of the ERP software and, following implementation, to develop technical solutions for complex operational environments to support these clients. Susan also collaborates closely with CAI’s Product and Engineering teams to help influence and prioritize the product roadmap based on market and customer requirements.

“At CAI, we take inputs and suggestions from our precious metals clients, and apply industry best practices, to make sure the software offers the processing, control, and tracking, those businesses require. I enjoy working in a customer-focused, fast paced technology environment and to be able to share these enhancements with our clients to improve their businesses.”

Susan is adept at business and system analysis and developing detailed software design specifications that improve the ERP software. A key focus has been on creating an elegant user interface.  However, she is most proud of her listening skills. “Hearing and understanding the customer’s needs is the most important aspect of my job. I feel only then can I provide proactive suggestions and answers to improve their experience with our software.  I really enjoy helping our clients succeed. There’s nothing more rewarding than working to solve a business problem and then hearing back from the client about a job well done.”

Susan has been in the software development world since high school, starting with developing software for use in educational institutions as well as electronic data interchange (EDI) software for a candy company. Later, she would develop software for one of the first personal computers for a major main frame computer company as well as ERP software development.

When she’s not developing code to enhance CAI’s PM Refining software, Susan enjoys spending time with her son Ryan.  For fun, she can be found outdoors. Susan is also an avid reader and enjoys a good book wherever the hike or outdoor activity takes her and her dog Sadie. They are looking forward to adding a new puppy to their team in a few months.