Software Solutions That Empower the Food Industry

Focused Solutions for Specialized Markets: CAI's Software and Expertise For Streamlining Operations in Seafood and Food Distribution.

Food Connex ERP

Food Connex ERP is a cloud-based ERP software for food distributors and processors looking to improve their productivity and profitability. Purpose-built for the food industry, Food Connex ERP enables food businesses to streamline their workflow, enhance customer service, and reduce costly mistakes. Industry-specific solutions for catch or variable weights, traceability, scanning, labeling, breaking cases, and different types of production are core to Food Connex. Flexible implementation options let our expert team optimize this food and beverage ERP based on the unique needs of each client, whether they focus on pure distribution, production and processing, or a mixture of services. An easy QuickBooks integration and Order & Inventory Management tools can increase sales and improve order taking, fulfillment, pricing, invoicing, purchasing, production, traceability, and reporting. The Food Connex ERP team has 75 years of experience in the food distribution software business and will serve as a trusted, proven business partner. We’re invested in helping food businesses optimize their operations, limit waste, and increase profits.
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Seasoft ERP

Whether you deal with fresh or frozen, wild or farm-raised seafood, you want your processing and distribution software to improve efficiency, minimize costs, and maximize margins on everything you sell. CAI’s Seasoft ERP is a fully integrated, Windows-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. It lets your seafood company achieve an unprecedented level of business productivity, visibility, and control across all areas of your operations.   Designed specifically for seafood distributors and processors, Seasoft ERP helps our clients maximize all aspects of seafood processing and distribution. Enhanced over more than 20 years with technology and best practices, key features include an integrated production solution that automatically calculates the true yield and margin on everything you cut.   Plus, Seasoft includes tools for efficiently managing imports and landing costs. In addition, its contemporary traceability and inventory management solution lets you quickly view inventory in multiple warehouse locations.   For the seafood industry, Seasoft seafood ERP software gives your business a strong competitive edge.
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Choosing a software partner dedicated to your industry is the easy path to the functionality you need, combined with better margins, and more time to focus on your business. For more than 40 years, Maritech has been a trusted advisor, software provider and innovator. The result; a unique blend of technological advances, in-depth competence, and knowledge of your core operational processes. With a complete set of new cloud-based ERP tools tailored for seafood trading, you can now automate many of the processes you may be handling manually today, for example in Excel sheets and Google Docs. Buy and sell seafood with full control of your inventory, margins, customers and vendors, and easy access to all the documentation and information you need.
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We understand the challenges of the Seafood and Food Distribution Industries

From improving profitability to providing supply chain visibility – our software solutions and expertise can drive immediate value to your business. Our experts with deep knowledge of your industry are standing by with the solutions you need to improve your business processes and operational efficiency.

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