Pinpoint Cost of Goods,

Production Yield and Profit Margin on Every Cut.


With CAI’s ProVisions software our production control room, cutting floor and packing and staging areas are completely integrated so we’re able to confirm that we’re packing the correct order for the customer, along with anything else important on each order. The software provides all the capabilities of a state-of-the-art processing and packing department.

Franklin Hall
Lone Star Foodservice


ProVisions software simplifies the tracking of lots through production and provides raw materials yield and exact costs for the finished product.

John Kinnealey
T.F. Kinnealey & Co.

ProVisions Meat Processing and Distribution

Improve Efficiencies, Reduce Operating Costs and Maximize Operating Margins

ProVisions meat processing and distribution software is a fully integrated, turnkey business management solution that helps food processors and distributors enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs and maximize their bottom line. ProVisions gives you added visibility and control of your business and gives your team the tools they need to work smarter and more profitably.

Whether it's improving inventory control, increasing production yields, pinpointing costs or responding quickly to a food safety issue, ProVisions' integrated, easy-to-use software tools will help you meet the challenges of weight-based, commodity-priced products where yields, lot and portion control, by-product accounting, settlement processing and multiple freezer/warehouse locations are of paramount importance.

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