Full Visibility and the Highest Yield from Every Lot

With CAI's NAV for E-Scrap Recycling Software


NAV for E-Scrap PM Recycling Overview

If you have difficulty accurately tracking contract E-Scrap material as it moves through your facility or if you're tired of a settlement process that produces inconsistent results, Computer Associates' (CAI) NAV for E-Scrap Recycling software can be a real difference maker.

This fully integrated solution is used by some of the biggest names in the e-waste recycling industry to improve material processing, precious metal (PM) recovery and inventory management - and ensure accurate financial settlement with the highest possible yield.

Tag and Track Processed and Unprocessed Materials

NAV for E-Scrap Recycling software provides a host of targeted capabilities for scrap processing and PM recovery. You can easily tag and track both processed and unprocessed materials from the receipt through to settlement, and perform accurate sample processing and projection for inventory valuation and final settlement.

The software also includes an integrated and robust accounting application, and because it works with and like Microsoft Office® and the other familiar applications you already use, the learning curve and time-to-value is short.

With NAV for E-Scrap Recycling you can:

  • Barcode all lots upon receipt
  • Track lots (in your facility or at downstream refiners)
  • Hedge with suppliers and downstream refiners
  • Handle Toll Accounting
  • Tightly control and expedite settlements
  • Maintain detailed history of all transactions
  • Offer your customers a 'Client Portal' for secure, 24/7 access to your company

NAV for E-Scrap Recycling is based on Microsoft's popular Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, a multi-language, multi-currency ERP solution designed for small to medium-size businesses and installed at more than 300,000 companies in 42 countries.

Successful Record in the PM Refining Industry

CAI has been providing software solutions to precious metals refiners, smelters, mining companies, precious metals brokers, non-ferrous metal recyclers and e-scrap processing businesses for more than 35 years. Our clients are located throughout the United States, Europe and the EMEA region.