Lumber Inventory and Production Tools

In a Single, Integrated Application.


We knew that we’d need to upgrade our software to take advantage of the latest technology and Ponderosa’s current capabilities. We can’t overstate the role that Ponderosa’s production and inventory handling capabilities have played in enabling the customer-centric service philosophy that permeates everything we do as an organization.

Joe Bayer
Bayer Built Woodworks



Ponderosa is ideally suited to our business, saving valuable time and helping improve the service we provide to our customers.

Paul Scholtes
BB&S Treated Lumber

Ponderosa Lumber Processing Software

Take Your Lumberyard to the Next Level of Inventory Control and Profitability

For lumber distributors, brokers, saw mills, remanufacturers and hardwood distributors, pulling a profit requires the right tools to automate business processes and reduce costs. That's where Ponderosa Lumber Processing Software comes in.

For 35 years we've partnered with leading lumber processing and value-added suppliers to develop an integrated, end-to-end lumber inventory, production and tracking software solution. From receiving to processing, drying and bundling finished wood for sale, Ponderosa will help you track lumber from the saw mill, through the value-added re-manufacturing process to bundling finished wood for sale, so you can manage your inventory more efficiently and improve profitability across your business.

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